Teams will tackle one of these challenges.

Community Fountain

A central fountain can provide a sense of place, safe water and public art. Your team will partner with a community to design a new artistic central fountain that incorporates public drinking water and the needs of your community partner.  This fountain can be used in multiple spaces or be designed to a specific space, community or theme.

You will select one of the following community partners to work with:

  • Lansing Community College
  • The Detroit Zoo
  • The City of East Lansing
  • The City of Midland

Click HERE for additional information on each community design.

Please note, you will be provided additional resources  for Phase II.  This could include utilities maps and site maps.

School Drinking Fountain

Students need easy access to sustainable safe drinking water at school, playgrounds and other public spaces. Your team will design a new drinking fountain concept that provides easy access for students, encourages them to choose water and teaches them about this precious resource.


Please note, you will be provided additional resources for Phase II. This could included utility and site maps.

 Emergency Response

Portable water sources are needed for emergencies. Your team will design a drinking water fountain/delivery system that can easily fill reusable containers, be deployed during emergencies and be used in a variety of conditions and locations such as when electricity is unavailable, public water is unusable or the service area is flooded.