Community Partners

Please review all of the community designs and select one of the following:


The City of Midland

The selected site would be a part of the Downtown Midland Streetscape improvement project (pending Midland City Council approval) at a corner intersection along Main Street. The design should be planned for a “Plaza” (top image) or “Living Room” (bottom image) intersection along the pedestrian sidewalk.


plaza-intersection                                                             “LIVING ROOM”


The Detroit Zoo

As of September 2015, the Detroit Zoo took a bold step of phasing out the sale of bottled water.  The Zoo’s guests are
encouraged to bring reusable containers that can be refilled for free at any of our 20 refill stations.  The Zoo also sells reusable water bottles.  This effort is extremely important to us, as we are driven to reduce plastic waste in the environment.  Most brand-named bottled water comes directly from the tap, our Great Lakes or the Detroit River – costing consumers around 10,000 times the cost of tap water.  In addition, there are an incredible amount of resources that go into producing one bottle of water and that single-use product can remain in our environment from 500-1000 years.

Our water refill stations look very similar (see above).  We have been wanting to install a water refill station at the front of the Zoo, most likely inside our Gift Store (or immediately outside) with education for the guests as to why it is important to use refillable water bottles.  We feel that there is not enough education regarding using refillable water stations, and how important it is to keep plastic out of the landfills.  Our recent Run Wild race was our first race where we provided racers with reusable water bottles instead of single use water bottles – it was a huge success! J I feel that sustainability education should be inspiring, not lecturing in nature.  I love incorporating art, beauty, inspiration into our messages to try to have a community feeling going forward with sustainability.  So there is a lot of freedom for your students to design a water fountain that serves a purpose as well as providing an educational moment, or perhaps an artful, beautiful fountain which would also catch the eye and open the topic for discussion.

The City of East Lansingfountain-2fountain-1

The City of East Lansing has drinking fountains available in many of our parks. These fountains are of basic design and function. As the City of the Arts we pride ourselves on our creative solutions and innovative spaces.

In Valley Court Park specifically, there is a fountain that serves its purpose, allowing visitors to quench their thirst, but has no artistic or innovative capabilities. For this challenge, East Lansing would be interested in creative solutions for a new drinking fountain in this space.

Valley Court Park hosts a Farmer’s Market each Sunday, June-October and countless community events throughout the summer. The park is also a popular place for informal team sports. Dogs are frequently walked in the park because of its wide open green space. Finally, there is an adult respite center nearby that shares the parks parking lot.

Requirements for a new drinking fountain are:

  • ADA compliance
  • Same basic footprint

Things that would be nice if they were included are:

  • Water accessibility for dogs
  • Artistic design
  • Water bottle refill ability

The address of Valley Court Park is:                 280 Valley Court,  East Lansing, MI 48823



Lansing Community College

As a part of the proposed Lansing Community College campus mall improvements you will submit a plan for an outdoor drinking water fountain that will complement the design.  In addition to reviewing the proposed engineering construction document your team is encouraged to visit the LCC campus and view their existing outdoor space.

Click HERE to view proposed mall improvements blue print.