Jeff DeBoer


Jeff DeBoer is Sundberg-Ferar, Inc. Vice President as well as Chairman for the Michigan Design Council.

Jeff’s primary focus is developing innovation strategies for clients using Sundberg-Ferar’s Genesis process, which Jeff created to ensure that companies are strategically and tactically poised to create and develop winning products. To support this process, he has developed unique research methods to analyze consumer, design, industry and technology trends. Jeff regularly leads executive workshops aimed at challenging “status quo” design, and identifying pathways to invigorate sales and gain market share.

Jeff has consulted across numerous product categories in the U. S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia, including home products, automotive, major appliances, house-wares, and system furniture to name a few.

Genesis innovation work in the automotive realm includes Autonomous Vehicle Innovation, User Interface Innovation, Interior Flexibility Innovation, Luxury Redefinition, Future Mobility Strategies, and others.

Recent speaking engagements include the CAR Management Briefing Seminar in Traverse City, Michigan, Lawrence Technological University I-Corp in Detroit, Simposio Manufactura de Autopartes in Queretaro, Mexico,  and the SAE World Congress in Detroit.

Jeff is also the Chairman of the Michigan Design Council and is consulting with Michigan schools to institute STEAM curricula that stress design thinking and project based learning.

“I’m inspired by the seemingly impossible…inventing breakthrough products where the “obvious” solutions have all been done or, where new innovation paths are not apparent; my passion is solving a market need in a way that has never been done before”.
Jeff holds numerous mechanical and design patents, and is a graduate of the University of Michigan.