Phase I will be evaluated by a point system.  (Scale 1 to 5, 5 being the best)


Phase I Evaluation Criteria will include:

Your Idea, Enthusiasm, Team preparation, Multi-disciplinary nature of the team, Innovation, Creativity, Anticipated impact on the community


Your team will be evaluated on the following 4 submission items:

  1. Fill out the team application and provide the majors represented by your team.

    *NOTE* Once started, all application and submission information will be saved within your online application and may be changed or updated until the Phase I submission deadline of December 23, 2016.

  2. One written narrative (400 word limit)

    Please answer the following two questions within the on-line submission form (200 words for each question).  Please address creativity, innovation and impact.

    • What is your vision in creating something new and special?
    • How will your design impact the community?
  3.  One  team video

    In video format, answer the following question and please include the team. Please upload load your completed video within the on-line team application.  The video should not be longer than 2 minutes. Recommend .mp4 or  .mov format.

    • Why did you choose your category? ( i.e What was the motivation?)
  4. One Napkin Sketch

    Provide a napkin sketch of your idea:   Your original hand drawn sketch should be on a napkin or a piece of paper no larger than 6”x 6”.   Take a clear picture of your drawing and save it as a .jpg file no larger than 1 MB and upload the image within the on-line team application.